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Walter T. Shaw - “The Son”

Walter T. Shaw is considered the world's most notorious (former) jewel thief. His long-awaited memoir, “A License To Steal,” (Omega Publishing, April '08, $24.95, hardcover) chronicles the saga of his father, probably one of the most important inventors of our time, who was ripped off by corporate America and the mafia, and how this drove Walter himself to become one of the country's most infamous jewel thieves, having taken an estimated $70 million from the rich and famous from Long Island to Florida. In the foreward, by Frank Vincent, he writes, “Full of love, fear, violence, hate and the quest for redemption, this book is an unbelievable journey through life.”

Walter L. Shaw - “The Father”

(Dec 20, 1917 - July 21, 1996)

Walter L. Shaw had an astonishing 39 patents to his credit. Among the most widely used were; the first burglar alarm that automatically calls the police; the hands free speaker phone; the black box (a toll free calling device), call forwarding; the White House "Red Phone" alert system; a tone generator, which later became the touch tone pad for touch tone dialing; conference calling; extend-a-watts, and voice print recognition.